Battle Review – Popping Prince vs. Greenteck (Hip Opsession 2017)

Popping Prince or Greenteck?

Who do you think won? Click the picture to watch and decide for yourself.

Popping Prince and Greenteck exchange pleasantries during their tournament battle.

– Round 1 Music:  Cherelle – Didn’t Mean To Turn You On

– Round 2 Music:  The Deele – Body Talk

Battle Score: B+

This was a really good battle. I especially enjoyed the exchange between the two after Greenteck’s second round. It was great seeing the crowd, and judges, have energy.

A really good battle.

– Competitiveness: 8/10
– Participant Energy: 5/5
– Music Selection: 4/5
– Crowd Energy: 5/5

Below is my quick review of each popper and who I think won the battle.  Do you agree?

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