Which Quarterback Should the Houston Texans Sign?

Who should the Houston Texans sign as their quarterback for the 2017 season?

I absolutely hate the Texans but I am going to be professional about this topic.  Many people have foolishly suggested that the Texans are team that is a quarterback away from making a run at the Super Bowl.  Why is that a popular thought?  I have no clue.  I am about 84% sure that the Texans will not be the AFC South’s champion this season, regardless of who they sign.

There was also thought that they would sign Tony Romo after he was released from the Dallas Cowboys, but Romo apparently has other plans.  Could he be so savage as to go to television instead of signing with the Texans?  It seems that way.

So who should Houston sign?  I’m glad you asked.  Here are my four suggestions of quarterbacks that the Texans should take a look at.

4.  Vinny Testaverde:  Testaverde has tenures with seven different NFL franchises.  Houston, it’s time to make it eight.  He has been to Pro Bowls and he is a fairly accurate quarterback when not throwing interceptions.  If you want a quarterback that is going to try to get the ball to DeAndre Hopkins, this is your guy.

3.  Tim Tebow:  I know he is with the New York Mets’ farm team but we all know that he is itching to throw the pigskin.  He wants to play football.  It’s time that he gets another shot and the Texans are the perfect team for that.

Remember what he did with the Denver Broncos in John Elway’s first season returning to the franchise?  Playoffs, baby.  Imagine what he will be able to do with more experience while still possessing a cannon for an arm.

2.  Uncle Rico:  Did he throw a football over them mountains?  You know he did.  He’s a gunslinger.  He was Jay Cutler before Jay Cutler.  He was Brett Favre before Brett Favre.  It’s a free country and Uncle Rico does what he wants.  And here is what he wants to do next; be quarterback for the Houston Texans.

The Texans need Uncle Rico.  The last time I checked he was still available on the free agent market.  Sign him.  He will provide the stability and leadership this team needs to get to the playoffs.

1.  Vince LaSalle:  LaSalle is as close to a solid selection as you can get.  The versatility and poise he has shown as a pure athlete at Third Street School is exactly what the Texans can use.  He will give the team another playmaker, one who can read defenses and throw accurate passes in the pocket and on the run.  LaSalle is the complete package at quarterback.

Answers need questions.

God bless.


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