This Day in Proverbs: 20 May 2016

Proverbs 20:22

“Do not say, “I will repay evil;” wait for the Lord, and He will deliver you.”

Life is not fair. Circumstances, and people, are subject to have scales that aren’t balanced.  In those times what are we to do? 

Wait on the Lord.

Taking things into our own hands will make situations such as these worse.  Guaranteed.  Why?  Remember that we are told that vengeance is God’s, not ours.  Not only that, but we have to also keep in mind that we are not warring against flesh and blood, though it appears that we are.

Retaliation for unfair and unjust acts against us means that we are reacting to what’s in front of us rather relying on Who is in us. Easier said than done?  Of course.  Impossible?  Not at all.  Though we clash with one another, we are ultimately not each other’s enemy.

So when, not if, those trials of patience and humility come, trust God.  Lean on the fact that He will deliver you.


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