This Day in Proverbs: 19 May 2016

Proverbs 19:2

“Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.”

I debated about writing on this verse or verse 24, as they both apply to my current situations in similar ways.  I chose this one because its subject hinders me so much at times.  Confession time.

So, desires… the wants, the yearnings, the longings of a person’s heart… should not be our primary focus.  Knowledge should be.  Hypocritical of me to say, I know (it’s all a process, here is one my toughest subjects).

I generally think that I know things when I do not, all because I thought about the situation or planned it as thoroughly as possible.  My understanding, the very capacity that I have to understand things in my own power, is limited. Greatly limited.

Therein lies the issue of me seeing a situation only from the front, and not from above.  Think of a doll house and how you can remove it’s roof and look into it, being able to evaluate all the rooms at once.  In my own power, I have only one perspective; only being able to see one side of the house (at a maximum) as I stand on the ground.  That’s not exactly the start of a formula for success.

So this knowledge, it comes from a steady following of the Lord.  Continually being focused on God’s word and will gives one the ability to be able to discern those things that are not as though they appear.  He see all and knows all.

This verse pairs desire absent of knowledge with making haste.  My grandmother always told me that haste makes waste.  Acting too fast, which is synonymous with acting without knowledge, will make you miss the very mark you’re trying to reach.  And this is true even if you’re trying to do what is correct.  Why?  Your eyes were on you instead of the Lord.

So here I am, at this very moment, saying that I’m guilty of this.  I thank God that His grace supercedes my mistakes and blunders.  I pray that I, and anyone in my position, strengthen trust in Him to completely relinquish troubles, paid, burdens, difficult decisions, and circumstances to God.

God bless.


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