Learned Lessons

Learning news things and/or being taught things through experiences and circumstances can be gifts when applied properly.  So how are we applying the things that we learn?

At times it is important to ask ourselves if we are making the appropriate adjustments in life based on what has happened to us in the past.  Are we learning from our mistakes or ignoring opportunities to grow?  Are we stepping onto a higher plateau and returning to our vomit?

Once we commit to making ourselves better we should begin to see a change; in ourselves and those around us.  Learned lessons are gifts, remember?  And gifts are meant to be shared.

Who have you taught?  Who have you made smile?  Who have your given time and guidance?  Who have you helped?

This is the endgame of learning things; to spread what has been learned in order to grow a forest, not just a single tree.

Keep pushing forward.  Live, learn, love, and share.  May God bless you.



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