So, What’s Your Red Sea?

The children of Israel feared for their lives as they camped at the Red Sea. They saw the Egyptians coming towards them. It got to the point where they rationalized their feelings of wanting to stay in Egypt, in slavery, as opposed to being slaughtered in the wilderness.

The Red Sea was a vast boundary to freedom, an end to their hopes of salvation, a seemingly hopeless situation.

Little did they know, though they should have, the Lord would deliver them once more. He had everything already in place for them to receive the promise He has already made to them. He would do this in the most unimaginable way possible.

So, what’s your Red Sea?

It’s easy to look back after the fact and analyze things. We read of account after account of the ways that God has led, healed, and delivered others but sometimes I think we need to look at our own story. Sometimes we should ask ourselves, “what was my Red Sea?”

Maybe you’re standing at your Red Sea at this very moment. There certain defeat approaching you from behind, you can see it coming, and there you’re facing a sea without a boat. Think of where you have already been. Surely there was some situation that you can point to in your life where you felt down and out. If not, keep living.

So, what’s your Red Sea? Look beyond what it appears to be on the surface. Our struggle is with the things we cannot see, not those things that we can. What is it that has placed fear into your heart? What is it that is holding you back from what you have been promised?

The children of Israel were worried and had no idea what to do. All the while, God had everything planned out. He knew of the Red Sea before they left Egypt, just like He knew of your Red Sea before you reached it. He used Moses to do His will, which in that moment required the sea to be split, just how Jesus completed the faith and in that moment gave all men the opportunity to be forgiven of their sins. And if God did all of that is it not assured that He will give you all you need to deal with your sea?

No, it may not be how you envision and yes, it may be painful along the way. But God has a way of using even the things that hurt us for our good and His glory. No matter how large or small your problems are continue to run to Him. In Him there is peace, in Him there is joy, and in Him there is victory.

In closing, we can look back and say that the children of Israel should have known that God would have delivered them. Likewise, so should we. No matter the problem, the burden, the difficulty, or the impossibility of the situation, we should continually acknowledge Him. His knowledge stretches even beyond the very questions we could ask. His love stretches even farther.

Seek Him. Listen to Him. Obey Him. Thank Him. There may be a boundary in front of you but if it is the Lord’s will that you be on the other side, He will make a way.

So, What’s Your Red Sea?

God bless.


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