Faultless Presentation

I love the benediction at the end of Jude for the heavy amount of truth and hope that it makes witness of to us. For this post I want to jump to the middle of verse 24 where Jude mentions that He, Jesus, is able to present us blameless before the presence of His glory. Jesus is able to do this because Jesus is blameless Himself.

There is much attention placed on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and how He was the final sacrifice for our sins. Lets take a moment to also remember how sacrifices were perfect in nature and how customs required that animals that were sacrificed were to be without blemish. Enter in, Jesus. He fulfilled the requirements of the law without fault and was able to first present Himself blamelessly so that we would all have the opportunity to do so, through Him, later on.

Because of Jesus we are able to be looked at without sin. Due to what He laid aside, due to what He accomplished for our sake, we are faultless in terms of sin in the eyes of the Creator. But we have to believe. More than what we say or how we appear to others, our hearts have to accept the Gift that God has given to us.

Don’t let this simply tug on your heart on be a passing thought in your mind, pray about it and seek God. He will guide your steps.

God bless.


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