Quick Reaction: Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5) Defeat Buffalo Bills (3-4) in London

Jaguars fans, you may exhale. This game had ups, downs, and everything in between. There are still many questions to be addressed and answered but the team won the game in exciting fashion. I’m glad that the team was able to give our friends across the pond, and everyone who streamed via Yahoo, an entertaining game. But with all of that being said, I’m exhausted.

It was such a roller coaster, most notably because the Jaguars jumped out to a lead in the first half but there was always the doubt of them blowing the lead. 18 4th quarter points later and the Bills led the game late. Blake Bortles, who struggled much of the game, and Allen Hurns delivered a game winning touchdown a few moments before the two minute warning.

The Jaguars also saw the return of T.J. Yeldon from injury, who had over 100 yards rushing (the first to do so against the Bills this season) and a touchdown. And lets not forget the performance of the defense (TELVIN SMITH) in the first half, sparking the Jaguars to a 27-3 lead. There were a good amount of positives but the same old story about the Jaguars inability, and unwillingness, to put teams away showed yet again.

Whether running the same run play from the 1 yard line 4 times in a row, without utilizing your starting RB, burning timeouts at inexcusable times, silly penalties, abandoning what helped you score points in the running game, or benching a starting CB for an inferior one, this team made many mistakes. Fortunately the Jaguars were facing an E.J. Manuel-led Bills squad who now have questions of their own to answer.

All in all, a 34-31 win is a win is a win… is a win. I will gladly take it, but I still wonder why some of the counterproductive decisions that are made are made. We’ll discuss that at a later date. As for now, lets enjoy the win heading into the bye week.

Let me know what you think. God bless.


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