God’s Grace Abounds

God’s grace has completely covered the amount of sin that you and I have committed. Past, present, future; it does not matter. The sacrifice of Jesus’ life makes it possible for us to be imperfect yet made perfect in Him.

With all of the problems that we face, self inflicted or not, God is willing to forgive us, help us, change us, and empower us. He is not only willing but He is able, if we allow Him. One can choose to either say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

As knowledge of what was right and wrong, holy and unholy, spread, there was an increase in the realization of how much wrong was done on a daily basis. The rules were impossible to fulfill and ultimately led to an increase in sin. However, as sin increased so did God’s grace.

So looking at ourselves I┬ásuggest that we continually approach His cross. God’s grace can get us through all situations of life. Need peace? He provides it. Need mercy, He gives that as well. Want wisdom? How gracious is He to those that love Him?

It is not always easy and it will not always be squeaky clean, but He will pour His grace on you for whatever circumstances you are facing. Seek Him and see what He not only does around you, but in you.

God bless.


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