Assessing Dave Caldwell’s Jacksonville Jaguars: The 2013 Free Agency Period

Click here to view my thoughts on the Jaguars’ 2013 NFL Draft Selections.

Continuing right along in my “investigation” of the current state of the Jaguars’ roster I am brought to the 2013 free agency period. Here I will look at the acquisitions that were made and then briefly give my thoughts about them concerning their contracts and their level of production since joining the team.

Acquisitions are according to Yahoo Sports

  • RB Justin Forsett – $2.0m over 2 years
  • WR Mohamed Massaquoi – $4.7m over 2 years
  • WR Jordan Shipley – $1.315m over 2 years
  • OT Pat McQuistan – 1 year deal
  • C Brad Meester – $1.075m over 1 year
  • DT Sen’Derrick Marks – $1.5m over 1 year
  • DT Roy Miller – $4.5m over 2 years
  • OLB Geno Hayes – $2m over 2 years
  • CB Marcus Trufant – $1.005m over 1 year
  • CB Alan Ball – $2m over 2 years

Looking at this free agency class, I remember that the Jaguars were not rushing into the rebuild, noting that the roster was going to take more than one simple offseason to fix. The acquisition that stands out to me Marks, who was a force on the defensive line last season and will be the same this year once fully healthy. Miller is an average DT so the Jaguars found 2 solid pieces for the defensive line. To be fair, that defensive line is still unable to generate a consistent pass rush but that responsibility relies on the defensive ends and the scheming in conjunction with, and maybe even moreso, than the tackles.

Outside of the DT position there are no long-term signings here, but there was not supposed to be. Adding and trying out bodies, in my estimation.

Next I will look at the 2014 NFL Draft and the 2014 free agency period. Once all of the offseason activities are accounted for until this year I will give my grades for how I feel the team has been constructed and compare it to the 2012 roster on week 1.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think. God bless.


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