Where is the Love?

Regardless of your faith, political views, economic standing, or anything of the like I feel that it is safe to say that you, like I, have seen a void of love and compassion within our society today. As the time continues to pass there are more and more examples of just how cold our hearts are towards one another.

So where is the love?

When asked of a scribe what the greatest commandment of all was, Jesus replied that complete love for the Father and love for one another are the greatest commandments of all. When I think of the word ‘commandment’ I am reminded of the ten commandments, but lets keep in mind that their law in its totality was much more strict, complex, and impossible to execute than simply following ten rules (as Jesus explained in His teachings on the mount).

Here Jesus says above all of the laws that love is the most important. So as I look around at our society today I ask, “where is the love?” It is still the most important thing a person can do to another person. Think of the situations that can be diffused if a recollection of Jesus’ words and teachings occurs. Think of the long-term effects a person can have on another by showing, or not showing, love and compassion.

With all of the negativity that occurs on a daily basis I think that it is beyond the time for us to get back to basics. Square one; love for the Father and love for one another.


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