Sunday Night Rant: Jaguars 20 (1-5) vs. Texans 31 (2-4)

Lets get right to it, shall we?

I am emotional. I am upset. I do not understand.

The Jaguars not only lost yet another game, bringing their total to 55 losses since 2011, but they were once again doomed by what seem to be a lack of adjustments, idiotic penalties and just a absence of making an important play when it needed to be made down the stretch. Yes, again.

I could focus on statistics and give some points addressing how the team is moving in the correct direction, but they simply are not. My eyes tell me so. Losing to a beyond-his-prime Matt Hasselbeck and Brian Hoyer at home a couple of weeks later tells me so. Feeling like a game is over if the opponent manages to score over 20 points tells me so. Sure the offense has looked better but every other aspect of the team, emphasis on EVERY OVER ASPECT OF THE TEAM, has been stale, flat, lousy, or laughable.

I literally laughed when Bortles threw the pick-6 with the pass that was intended for Thomas in the 4th quarter. I have become numb to how bad this team is and has been in recent memory. In my estimation the offense has had a very decent season, with consistent play from Bortles, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, but where is the running game? I have no clue. Without it the passing game has done as much as you can ask of it, but it still is not enough.

On defense we can sing the same ole song;

“No pass rush, no way,
let them throw it all day,
because our defense like Burger King lets them have it their way.”

Enough is enough. The speeches are nice, cute, and all of that but I’m tired of that. What about the actual on-the-field product? What about the wins?

Whatever. I’m done. I’ll be more… professional tomorrow. Let me know what you think.

God bless.


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