His Love Surpasses All

As people, we can virtually do whatever we desire. “If there’s a will, there’s a way,” they’ve said. “If you believe it, you can achieve it,” others explained. But we have to understand that though all things are permissible, all things are not beneficial.

So here lies one of the battles that we face within ourselves and amongst each other; doing what is desirable and beneficial. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact and act out of emotion, out of impulse, and out of instantaneous reactions that cause us to do things that we simply would not do if we had prayed, if we had sought Godly counsel, or if we had waited on Him. Other times we forget, ignore, or are oblivious to the duel beyond what we can see.

This battle has been ongoing from the beginning of time and our actions correlate with the spiritual battle that out actions are contributing to. When we wrestle against our brothers we are fighting an unseen enemy. When we cause harm, do evil, or are the recipient of anything of the like we are exercising physically what is occurring spiritually, though we cannot see it. Yet.

So, what’s the point? The battles we face with evil are inevitable, but so is our victory by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. The pains of this time, the hurts, the heartaches, and the sorrows will one day be too distant of a memory to remember. Keep your faith in and eyes on Him. His love surpasses all understanding and with that comes true knowledge, peace, wisdom, and joy, in spite of the present circumstances, beyond what we can see, above what we can think, and much more abundantly than we can imagine.

Yes, His love surpasses all. The battle that was mentioned at the beginning of this post, His love has already won. That problem that you are in the middle of, His love has already pulled you through. That joy you feel from making it out on top regardless of your circumstance, His love led the way there too.

He knows your pains. He too has cried those same tears. Always remember that He has already completed the journey that you are on and that He is with every step of the way. No matter how painful, no matter how difficult, He is on your right side, on your left side, and within you.

May God bring peace to your heart, understanding to your mind, strength to your body, and wisdom to your being. His love never ends. His love cannot fail.


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