Your Weakness, God’s Strength

I’m writing this for myself, as much as anyone else who is or has experienced what it is like to give all that you have and the results simply to do not add up.  Place it all in God’s hands.  Our own efforts and strength can only take us so far; we have limits to what we can do.  In the same way that we have limits, so do our families, our friends, our jobs, our titles, and our money.  All things have a limit to the mountain that they can move, but not God.

Trusting in Him is where true power reveals itself.  It comes in its own time and manifests in its own way.  Keep trusting.  In the thick of the circumstances He is still right beside you, guiding you and adjusting your path so that things seen and unseen are never able to bring about a problem that you have not already defeated through the power that He has already given.

His love is unending and His strength is unfailing.  Run to His arms, let your requests be made known to Him, and let Him show you just how strong and wondrous He is.

Keep your lifted, my friend.  Heaven is above and that is from where His generosity resides.  Keep your eyes trained on Him, making sure to not even pay too much attention to the pleasure of blessings so that you may pay attention to the Giver of the blessings, for it is He that can make all of the pain worthwhile.

Much love to you.  His arms are around you.  His love is within you.  His grace will keep you.  His victory has equipped you.

God bless.


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