Knowing What You Believe

Knowing What You Believe

  1. No matter what your stance is on anything inn life it is imperative that you know what you believe. So the saying goes ‘if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything.’ As Christians we need to understand that we will face various situations, continually, where we need to stand firm on what and in Who we believe.

  1. One of the main types of situations that requires us to know what we believe; temptation.

– Jesus was tempted [Hebrews 2:16-18 – “It’s obvious, of course, that He didn’t go to all this trouble for angels.  It was for people like us, children of Abraham. That’s why He had to enter into every detail of human life.  Then, when He came before God as high priest to get rid of the people’s sins, He would have already experienced it all Himself – all the pain, all the testing – and would be able to help where help was needed.”

– Specifically make note that because He is tempted as we are that He is able to the mediator of our sins to God because He is holy but at the same time knows exactly what we are facing.

  1. How was Jesus tempted?

– Luke 4:1-14

– Temptation through ego, strength, pride, relevance and authority.

– Notice how many situations in our lives that Jesus’ temptation here applies to. Those times when we are weak? Look to Jesus. Those times when our egos are bruised and we want to do something about it? Look to Jesus. Those times where pride makes us think highly of ourselves? Look to Jesus. For all situations, especially those where we are tempted by the desires of the flesh which plague us, look to Jesus.

  1. How did Jesus respond to His temptation?

– Jesus applied Biblical truths.

  1. Satan the opportunist.

– Jesus applied the Word of God instead of looking and trusting solely on Himself. If Jesus did/does this, how much more should we do the same in order to avoid falling in sin?

– Luke 4:13 – The devil ceased tempting Jesus once the circumstances were no longer in his favor. Think of pride and how it shows itself when we are feeling good, successful, on top of the world, etc. That is an opportune time for certain stumbling blocks to emerge.

– James 4:7 – When the opportune time no longer exists, the devil flees.

  1. The sources of our temptation.

– Satan.

– Ourselves.

– A large portion of temptation comes from the desires within our own hearts. Now wanting to improve stature, quality of life, and things of that nature is not wrong but doing so without seeking God’s will and relying on Him is a beeline to disappointment and inadequacy.

– Remember that without God we can do nothing and that without love we are nothing.

  1. The solution; look to Jesus.

– Jesus knew what He had to fulfill and how He had to fulfill it. Likewise it is crucial that we know what He fulfilled and that all of those things are still alive and relevant for us this very day. We are bombarded with messages that serve a far greater (viler) purpose than what we see with our eyes through our own knowledge. So pray without end. Test the spirits. Put on the whole armor of God.

– Do these things while affirming what you believe to yourself and others, through words and action, for how can we proclaim that we believe what Jesus has done without first knowing what the message of the Gospel is.


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