Jesus’ Prayer

1. The Cornerstone of our faith, the Supplier of our peace and the Source of our strength faced stress beyond measure leading up to the crucifixion. He knew the significance of the events taking place and how He would have to suffer for the hope of those who did not know and/or willfully rejected Him. As He withdrew from the disciples in the garden, He prayed.

2. What did Jesus pray?

– Luke 22:42 “…saying, ‘Father, if it is Your will, take this cup from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.”

3. Recall Who Jesus Is.

– John 1:14-17 – He is the Word made flesh, God’s begotten Son, Grace and Truth, the Prince of peace, and the list goes on and on

– Jesus, the first of many, and the completion of our faith, did not think of Himself so highly as to not pray. This is the same person Who turned water into wine without food coloring, Who walked on water without it being frozen, and Who would heal the ear of His enemy. Jesus knew that even though He was God in every way that He still needed to commune with and rely on His heavenly Father, otherwise risking falling into sin.

– What does this say for us?

4. Jesus’ Sincerity.

– While praying to the Father, Jesus asks for His trial to be removed. It is imperative that we uncover our desires to Him while seeking His counsel, so that we may stay in His will. In our own strength we are weak, but in Him we are mightier than any challenge that we face. Our openness is an illustration of how much we trust Him.

5. His will is our goal.

– Jesus voiced His desires but did not lose sight of what was most important, God’s will. He states that despite what He feels and what He wants that it is what God declares to be right and just that He is committed to do.

– What if our prayers and mindset were this focused, knowing that we have to ability to choose whatever we will but all choices outside of the will of God (regardless of how fruitful they appear on the surface) are catalysts for disaster? All things, though permitted, are not profitable.

6. Jesus prayed. Then what?

– Luke 22:43 – An angel appeared from Heaven and strengthened Him

– God hears our prayers and will supply us will all that we need in order for us to endure. Some walls He removes and some walls He allows us to run into because He has given us the strength to run through it.

– Though He may not remove a burden, God knows. Do not think for one second that God does not care and do not surmise that He does not understand. The presence of pain, pressure, and burden do not equate to an absence of peace, power, and victory. His grace is always sufficient.

7. What does this say for us?

– Prayer is necessary.

– There may be situations where we do not even know what to say, especially considering that we do not know how to pray as we ought, which is one reason why the Holy Spirit intercedes for us.

– God loves you. Jesus endured the trial mentioned here and more, and is still victorious, affirming our inevitable victory over our struggles. This relies on whether or not we place our trust in Him.


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