You and I Are Forgiven

I lied. But I’m forgiven.
I cheated. But I’m forgiven.
I was unfair. But I’m forgiven.
I was unkind. But I’m forgiven.
I hated. I defied. I didn’t care. Did I mention that I lied? But I’m forgiven.
I was wrong. I lost my way. Yet, He loves me, anyway. I’m Forgiven.

If you have ever done or thought about doing something wrong, raise your hand (I raised both of mine). This is not uncommon to any person, as we all know the difference between wrong and right and sometimes simply choose to do what is wrong. Therein lies sin. But committing sin is not the decisive factor for any of us, it is only the prerequisite. We have all been forgiven. All of us. The weight of the situation is whether or not we choose to believe in and accept that forgiveness.

Sin’s role was to show that we needed someone who could fulfill the God’s law, since we know when we have done something wrong because we have knowledge of what is right. None of us are able to live a completely perfect and sin-free life, and even doing so would only have us break even. We needed someone to live the life we could not live and die the death that we should have died.

Enter, Jesus Christ. He lived on this planet for over 30 years and always did God’s will. He was tempted as we are and faced the same circumstances of life that we all do, and did not sin. He took His life and then laid it down on the ground so that you and I could have hope in knowing that He loves us. But He also picked it up again so that we could know that He indeed has the power to free us.

So, here we are. Mistakes are written all over our lives, right? It doesn’t matter, we are forgiven. Yes, I am saved, but I am indeed a sinner. Yes, I am saved, but through no work of my own. Jesus paid it all, for you and I, giving us hope even when all we can do is cry.

His love knows no bounds, simply ask for it and receive it.

If you have any questions, please ask someone (myself included).

God be praised. God bless.


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