The 2015 Jaguars Look-Ahead: QB

This series of posts will be my thoughts and expectations heading into the season about the Jacksonville Jaguars. I will be as subjec… objective as possible. No Tennessee Titans were harmed in the writing of these posts. Yet.


Expected Starter: Blake Bortles (2014 stats: 58.9%, 2908 yards, 11 tds, 17 ints, 55 scks)

Expected Bench: Chad Henne (2014 stats: 53.8%, 492 yards, 3 tds, 1 int, 16 scks)

My Thoughts:

I am under the impression that this will be a very good (not great) year for Bortles. I think that the addition of TE Julius Thomas and the emergence of WR Allen Robinson into a true #1 option will bolster Bortles’ production on the field.

It has been well documented that Bortles has worked this offseason to improve his game, working on his mechanics and spending time with his receivers. That is what you want to see.

I’m more concerned with how the protection will be this season. Giving up over 70 total sacks is not the way to win games. I’m hoping to also see the line help the running game to be effective, which just was not the case last season.

The main thing here is for the offense to avoid 3rd and long situations and to control the tempo of the game. There are many moving parts, especially on this team, but I’m banking on the QB to help the offense mesh as a whole.

Expected Statistics – Blake Bortles:

– Completion Percentage: 60.4%
– Yards: 3,400
– Touchdowns: 21
– Interceptions: 13
– Sacks: 45

What do you think?


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