Who is Salvation For? Anyone Who Chooses to Believe.

The Bible, on multiple occasions, makes it clear that whoever chooses to believe in Jesus Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection are saved. One of those instances is referenced below.

Jesus – the Divine Christ! He experienced a life-giving birth and a death-killing death. Not only birth from the womb, but baptismal birth of His ministry and sacrificial death. And all the while the Spirit is confirming the truth, the reality of God’s presence at Jesus’ baptism and crucifixion, bringing those occasions alive for us. A triple testimony: the Spirit, the Baptism, the Crucifixion. And the three in perfect agreement. 

If we take human testimony at face value, how much more should we be assures when God gives testimony as He does here, testifying concerning His son. Whoever believes in the Son of God inwardly confirms God’s testimony. Whoever refuses to believe in effect calls God a liar, refusing to believe God’s own testimony regarding His Son,” 1 John 5:6-10.

Here is a mini-summary, through John, of what the Christian believes. The events of Jesus’ life and the testimony of God thereof.

The main point of this post comes at the end of the selected text where John states that “whoever believes in the Son of God inwardly confirms God’s testimony.” John later states that “whoever has the Son, has life.

There are no restrictions on who can choose to believe, just like there are no restrictions on who can choose not to believe. We each have to choose in our hearts (choosing to not make a choice is choosing to not believe).

If you have any questions, regardless of what they are, I implore you to ask them. Seek out His kingdom, search for His face and I assure you that He will see you through to the end and beyond.

God bless.


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